E Ville Dewar

Portia is such an inspiring person. I had stopped dancing when I was 17 due to an injury and never found the right class to get back into it into my late 20s.

I first found Portia at a Beyoncé Ballet class two years ago and I have stopped taking her classes since. From ballet to retro gogo, heels choreography to exotic, she is able to make dance so fun and enjoyable for me and my busted body.

Her talent extends well beyond her classes into her productions as well - she is truly a captivating human.

Caitlyn Vander Leek

Portia is just everything! She’s warm and inviting to newcomers in her classes, and she is focused and motivating for those that know the ropes. She is a great teacher to any skill level.

And to top it all of, she is not afraid to be a student! She is constantly improving her craft, learning new things, and staying very involved in the dance and production community.

I don’t know if there is a single person out there that has something negative to say about Portia.

She lights up a room, and is always so pleasant and encouraging.

Brittany Keller

If I could pick one, just one word (which is almost impossible) to describe Miss Portia Favro, it would have to be GODDESS. Goddess. Such a beautiful & strong word.

Portia radiates light wherever she is, wherever she goes. She exudes positivity. She captivates all in her presence, whether taking a class from her, or watching her perform.

I was hooked on P from my very first dance class with her 2 years ago. I felt at ease from the moment I walked into the studio. I felt comfort & acceptance. My nerves dissipated. My excitement flourished. The changes I have made within myself during that term & over the last 2 years are HUGELY influenced by Portia, and the first impression she gave me on what is was like to be involved in a proper community of women.

Since then, I have had the privilege of having Portia not only as a teacher, but as my friend. A friendship I am so grateful to have. Now on a performance level, wow, just WOW. Portia is fire. Portia is a force to be reckoned with. She demands the attention of her audience with seduction & grace I can only dream of having one day. Her confidence is bewitching. Her demeanour is infectious.

Miss Portia Favro: Goddess.