Producer Credits

 Photo by Shimona Henry of Pin-Up Perfection Photography 

Photo by Shimona Henry of Pin-Up Perfection Photography 

Go-Go Bungalow at The Shameful Tiki Room

When she's not on stage, you'll find Portia behind the scenes producing her weekly retro go-go show, Go-Go Bungalow, every Sunay night at at The Shameful Tiki Room (Vancouver, BC).

 Come feast your eyes on our decked out go-go girls as they shimmy and shake to retro SURF, EXOTICA, SOUL, MOTOWN, GARAGE, ROCK & ROLL, LATIN, BOOGALOO, DANCEHALL and more...

Even better? While we dance for you, you'll be enjoying delicious authentic tiki cocktails made by our handsome bartenders in a beautiful vintage Polynesian pop environment. It’s a truly submersive experience.

What more could you ask for on a Sunday?

From Bond with Love

Portia Favro Productions and The Lovers Cabaret presents, "From Bond with Love". Written, directed and produced by Portia Favro and Vanessa Young. 

Who do you call when the world is at stake and 007 is nowhere to be found? The Bond Girls of course! Join some of your favourite femme fatales on an adventure across the globe. Using elements of burlesque, cabaret, and contemporary, our gorgeous dancers will take your breath away…Bond fan or foe.

Featuring choreography by Portia Favro, Vanessa Young, Jacq Smith, Lauren Maynard, Lydia DeCarllo, Monica Gutierrez, Amanda Hemmaway, Sydney Carlson, Rachel Routledge and Erin Laura Walton.

THE NOIR SERIES is a series of intimate shows pushing the boundaries of dance and its seductive styles. Viewer discretion is advised in these one of a kind cabaret shows designed to open the mind, seduce the senses, and leave you with a pulsing desire for more. Entertaining, exotic and decadent...