Portia dances with wombynly liberation. There is something trancelike in her movements...She is incredibly bold and brave, I’ve never seen anything else like her when she is living and breathing onstage. - Meaghan Hewitt McDonald, The Lovers Cabaret


Portia has trained, performed and taught extensively throughout the west coast of the U.S. and Canada. She's currently based out of Vancouver, B.C. and works exclusively with several premier dance companies in the city. 


Height: 5’3” Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown/Medium Length


Berlin Burlesque Week (Berlin, Germany) - 2019

Soloist Performer - Vancouver International Burlesque Festival (2018 + 2019)

Soloist Performer - Edmonton International Burlesque Festival (2018) 

Soloist Performer - Calgary International Burlesque Festival (2017) 

Galen Hooks Method  Heels Intensive  Participant  - Los Angeles, California (2016) and Vancouver, Canada (2018) 

Broadway Dance Centre Heels Training - New York City, New York 

Guest Teacher in Thun, Switzerland

Teacher, Vancouver Burlesque Company


HOWL                             Dancer                                       Wolf Pack Productions

Motive                            Principal Dancer                    CTV - Bell Media

RainDrops TO              Dancer                                     CityLine, eTalk (CTV) 

CTV Canada AM           Model                                       CTV - Bell Media 

The Belle Method        Fitness Model                       Rogers TV (Ontario)


LA MAISON LUST                Co-Owner, Producer, Choreographer,  Dancer  (Lust, Lust 2.0, new production coming in May 2019)

Go-Go Bungalow              Producer                                   Portia Favro Productions/ The Shameful Tiki Room

House of Hush Headliner House of Hush Burlesque (Edmonton, A.B.)

SNAG Live Art Show Live Art Model     Aaron White

Lost Girls Burlesque        Soloist + Dancer                    Mercury Artists 

Bump n' Grind House     Soloist                                       Gala Vega (Victoria, B.C.) 

Lunarium /House Nocturnae                           Soloist + Dancer                      The Crystalline Cabaret / Vancouver Fringe Festival

Alice in Wonderland Burlesque       Soloist                  April O'Peel 

NSFW - Hip Hop Meets Stripstease  - Headliner 

Dr. Sketchy's Vancouver   Live Art Model                       Dr. Sketchy's

The Orchid Club                Headliner                                 Fox Cabaret (Vancouver, B.C. ) 

Bleeding Heart Burlesque       Headliner                      Wet Coast Burlesque (Victoria, B.C.) 

Sailor Moon Burlesque    Soloist + choreographer   Moonage Kingdom 

Mondo Exotica                   Retro Go-Go Dancer            LDC Productions / The Waldorf Hotel


From Bond with Love   Producer, Choreographer,  Dancer     Portia Favro Productions + The Lovers Cabaret

Lovers of Dylan         Choreographer                         The Lovers Cabaret

Lovers of Zeppelin    Dancer                                         The Lovers Cabaret  

SYN                                  Principal Dancer                      The Lovers Cabaret 

Lovers of Queen         Principal Dancer                      The Lovers Cabaret     

Mistresses                     Principal Dancer                       The Lovers Cabaret 

Lovers of Marley        Dancer + Choreographer        The Lovers Cabaret    

In The Boudoir           Soloist + Dancer                         High Society Cabaret 

Dangers Dames         Soloist + Dancer                         High Society Cabaret 

Army of Sass               Dancer + Choreographer        Toronto, Vancouver, Kelowna 

Next Bombshell        1st Runner Up, Vancouver       Top Dancer Competitions

Extended list available upon request


London 2012 Olympics    Dancer                                     Canadian Olympic Committee

The Vibe Competition       Emcee                                      High Frequency Productions

Ontario Summer Games   Dancer                                     Discover Ontario 

Jarvis Church                         Dancer                                     Pan American Games

Centre of Gravity                  Dancer + Choreographer   Wet Ape Productions 

Dancing in the Park             Dancer + Teacher                      City of Kelowna, Parks and Recreation


Luminesque Dance           Lead Instructor                          Vancouver (2017 - present) 

Alive Mindbody                   Teacher                                         Victoria, B.C. (2017-present) 

Vancouver Burlesque Centre     Teacher                             Vancouver (2017-present) 

Army of Sass                        Lead Instructor                            Vancouver (2012-2017) 

Harbour Dance Centre       Substitute Teacher                   Heels, Sexy Street Jazz (2015 to present) 

City of Kelowna                     Teacher                                         Parks and Recreation

Endorphin Dance Rush      Teacher                                         Kirby Snell Productions 

City of Vancouver                  Teacher                                         Dunbar, Trout Lake, Kitsilano + Roundhouse CC 

Oranj Fitness - Kelowna   Dance  + fitness teacher           Stretch + Strength, Jazz, Modern, Contemporary 

Extended list upon request


DANCE: improvisation, retro go-go, props, traditional burlesque/tease work 

LANGUAGES: English, conversational French

MISC: Emcee (on stage + camera), interview host, voiceover, Pilates, yoga, modelling, print work, athletics, swimming - advanced level + lifeguard certification