What's the happiest place on Earth? 

Disneyland? In your lover's arms? Home? 

These past few weeks - between Kelowna, Toronto, New York City and Vancouver, I found home in each place. I found home in my chosen families. My friends who've ventured far and wide, and those who've stayed close to their roots. 

I've struggled with where to call "home" after moving every few years growing up and as an adult. Travelling around has made me realize Vancouver is now where I call home...but only geographically. 

This weekend, I remembered where home was. 

On stage. 

Flanked by dancers. Lights. An audience. I don't even have to move big, far or wide. I can just relax and be. 

Welcome to my home. 

PS thank you to my incredible friend, Meaghan Hewitt McDonald, (who you might remember as Freddie in the last Icon Series) for this blog post. Sharing my home with you on stage was an honour last year.